Emerging Leader Creates Language Learning OER

Emerging Leader Creates Language Learning OER

We have been following academic technologist Todd Bryant and his ideas for creating meaningful language exchange experiences online. Todd created an open educational resource, the Mixxer, to do just that. (See The Mixxer Launches Spanish and English Language MOOCs.)

Check out Todd’s presentation at the New Media Consortium (NMC) summer conference.

You’ll see that Todd has utilized a variety of open online language learning materials, including some of COERLL’s Spanish and German materials,  to create a whole new open resource. This is what remixing and reusing is all about: fueling innovation and ideas to keep creating new learning resources for the public.


  1. Carl Blyth says

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for you continued good work with The Mixxer. This is a great open resource for language teachers who would like to pair their students with native speakers. It is kind of like an open (and free) version of Live Mocha.

    What a clever idea you had to pair MOOCs with The Mixxer, a MOOC for English-speakers learning Spanish paired with a MOOC for Spanish-speakers learning English. I can see why New Media Consortium (NMC) has tapped you as an Emerging Leader. Congratulations. COERLL will continue to follow your innovations.

    Best wishes,


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